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Invigorating Urban Landscape - MFO Park in Switzerland

The rise of urban parks is strongly supported now more than ever. With hard landscape dominating the busy city, the need for a green oasis within it to soften the built surroundings seemed logical. The MFO Park in Switzerland (completed in 2001-2002) may be described as a combination of hard landscaping, greenery and verticality. Complimenting the urban area without taking too much space.      [via]


Dear Photograph, Love Nostalgia

I’ve discovered this wonderful website, The simple concept itself is quite touching. That is to get your old photo, hold it up on the same place it was taken, and reminisce. And there it is, nostalgia visualized. Here’s some of my favorites. All photos and captions via


Mesmerizing California Cityscapes



Mortals Stuck on the Wall


Apartment in Sweden

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Delight your space with these Fun-Furniture

Want something to light up your space? Add some unique furniture that would make your guest look twice and say, is that for real? A peeing center table? Talk about a conversational piece.    [via]


Delicious Pretty Things

Found these literally delicious items at, yes they are made of food. How about a crispy boot? Al dente accessories? Eggplant shoe? Or a Berry bag? 


Light Drawing by Picasso

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Paul McCartney - Rare + Proudest Moments

The Beatles phenomena can not and will not be forgotten. Their music, timeless. Celebrity status, screaming fans has been well documented. But their moments of ordinary is what struck me the most. I haven’t found photos for the rest of the band, only that of Paul McCartney.Moments of a doting father and a loving husband to his late wife Linda. All you need is LOVE after all.   Linda McCartney […]


They say this is brilliant photography