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Cape Schanck: Stunning House on Undulating Terrain

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Edible Art Project: Eszter Burghardt takes us to 'Iceland'

Meet Eszter Burghardt, a Canadian-Hungarian artist based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her current mouthwatering edible art project is reminiscent of the Icelandic landscape. In re-creating the ‘sceneries’, she uses food, wool and random objects from her studio. After she constructs a miniature diorama, it’s captured by a macro lens to get the illusion that the photos were actually taken on site. For starters, pictured above called the ‘Milk Dip’, here’s the rest of the […]


Can't Believe These Are Now Called The 'New' Vintage

Not too long ago, these were the gadget. If you had it, then you’re in. Changing times, sometimes we can not keep up enough. Back to Basics is a project by Zim & Zou, a french designers duo based in Nancy, France. In this project, they made famous ‘new’ vintage objects of the recent past out of colored paper. [via]


Baby Mila: What daydreams are made of


What kids did before PSPs, Nintendo Wii, Smart phones..



The Lost Gardens of Heligan's amazing grass scuplture



Small spaces, friendly faces

Small studio apartments shouldn’t be just bland. Design every usable space to add warmth and suit your needs in such a tiny space. This example features lots of storage space, amazing combination of gloss white and wood design. [via]


When you're out of paint and paintbrushes, but happen to have a typewriter..

British artist Keira Rathbone uses a typewriter to create her artworks.   [via]


Looking at the Earth from a Different Perspective



Beyond this plain exterior are few surprises inside

‘House taishido’, a three-storey private residence in Tokyo, Japan is both unassuming and space effective. And yes, beyond this plain exterior are few surprises inside. A project by the japanese studio key operation inc. (akira koyama)   [via]