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Future Apple house: Best office building in the world

Seeing architectural design concept for new buildings is always a treat moreso if it’s of a brand famous for its products innovation, surely the Apple campus won’t get left behind in the creative arena. Here,  Steve Jobs has revealed the future Apple campus which he dubbed as the “best office building in the world” and boasts of its futuristic and spaceship-like exterior and circular planning. Its construction is to start in […]


Fun and Creative Live-Your-Dreams Yearbook Portraits

Tired of boring, too formal yearbook shots? These students took matters in their own hands, in this case chalks and chalkboards.. They drew their colorful dreams, posed in front of it as if living it already. [via]


Gravity: Nature's Glue

Michael Grab meditative art of “gluing” rocks, with nothing else but gravity to hold it together, has received positive responses from spectators. Most probably because that’s what he wanted to transmit to his audience, a sense of positivity and peace in his artworks. “Gravity Glue is a name derived from the nature of balance crossed with the common suspicion many have for the mechanics of the expressive form. More importantly, Gravity […]


Graphic designer's challege: say more in less space (8 cool typography ads)

Using creative typography, these advertisements are able to send powerful messages in less use of words. The effectivity of using this strategy is doubled as it captures the imagination of its spectators. Just shows you don’t have say much to spread the word. [via graphicdesignblog]


Experience the lush greenery of Costa Rica

Not many is familiar of Costa Rica, but surely these photos will leave a mark in that traveller in you. The lush greenery and delicate conservation of its forests despite the construction of little cottages within it gives you a sense of being one with nature. Find out more of this beautiful place via


Boost your creativity with these concept photography


17 things no one probably have told you yet (comics by alex noriega)

Mozambique based illustrator Alex Noriega loves drawing, reading and drawing even more. Alex was born and raised in Barcelona, went to Llotja, an art and illustration school also in Barcelona. After finishing school, he worked odd jobs and eventually landed a job as an illustrator in a fashion company. Finally, the call to blog got to him. He says, At some point in 2010 I was going through a crisis due to some issues at work, so […]


Want to stay in this modern spanish loft, for good..



Perfect, perfect relaxation spot in Zanzibar

[via Kilindi and desiretoinspire]


Nostalgic Paintings That Will Make You Want To Cry

The “Memories Collection” by Charles Peterson.   [via]


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Future Apple house: Best office building in the world

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