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Pencil tip awe-inspiring sculpture

Yes, that’s a tip of a pencil.  The artist behind this doesn’t work on pencil tip sculpture for money, he just wants to share his artistry to the world. Meet Dalton Ghetti. He patiently creates each artwork using razor blades, sewing needles and a sculpting knife, and refuses to use a magnifying lens. He works on sculpture for at least 2 years each. Each! This man defines patience. [via greendiary]


15 fascinating astronomy photos

[via apod.nasa]


Smashing mixture of elements in one stylish home

Seen in the cool website thedesignerpad.


28 Rib-tickling Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel‘s work is fun, creative and amazing! His digital art and painting creations are inspired by real-life situations spiced up with comical imagination and familiar characters that’ll make you laugh. Tickle your funny bones some more with 28 of his excellent illustrations! [via pxleyes]


Amusing 12 celebrity photos via LIFE magazine

We’ve seen them in glamorized photos, being proper in interviews and it’s always good to see them do an unlikely pose. Now the concept of these captures I found is not over-the-top. It’s achingly ordinary but it’s actually what makes it extraordinary.    [via]


A house with a split personality? (18 photo-evidences)

Respect! Combining different personalities in a single home deserves it. Not everyone can pull this off. Somewhere in Hawthorne, Melbourne was successful at it. Stroll your way into different styles, from this Edwardian facade, to the feel of vintage and old, slowly embracing modern further back. And, further, further back is the garden with a tinge of Japanese design. [via Hawthorn, Melbourne home and desiretoinspire]


Extreme pipe photographs (8 incredible waves)

[via graphicdesignblog]


Excuse me, stylish playhouse in the house

This may come off as plain for some, but the integration of this playful slide, has rubbed awesomeness to this home. The raw concrete finish that dominates the place and the greenwall contrast effectively adds character. Stylish and playful makes awesome indeed. [via chictip]


Look at this very pretty hotel Santorini, Greece

If you’ve noticed, Greece has been a favorite in features this week. We just can’t get enough of this beautiful place. I have just discovered [thru miss-design] this pretty hotel in Santorini. White walls and blue hues of the pool and the sea has become like a trademark of buildings in Greece. Charming. [via miss-design]


Like Monster Inc at the park

Bordering scary and kind of cute (can’t decide with those big blue eyes), these art installations reminds me of the Monsters Inc. movie. Wonder what those are made out of? Answer is… sludge! Unexpectedly, those dug out mud from the lake has become an inspiration to students and did fun art out of it. And yes, that little kid might just be Boo..    [via]